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  • 1pc 330
  • 1pc 355-350850
  • 1pc 355-771
  • 1pc 375
  • 2pc 330
  • 2pc 355-193
  • 2pc 355-691
  • 2pc 375
  • 3pc 375
  • 5pc 330
  • 5pc 355-173
  • 5pc 355-200004890
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Type: Cola Cup Cover
Material: Neoprene
Style: Cola shape
Color: Red
Size: 13.0*10.0*1.0cm/5.11*3.93*0.39
Net weight: 80.0g/ 2.82oz

Hide your beer and enjoy it with discreet!

Can Cover Silicone Sleeve, is a good option to hide your beer during outdoor events and some places that prohibit alcohol. 

The beer sleeve completely covers the entire aluminum can, making your beer look exactly like a can of soda. Made of durable and flexible silicone, they can fit your pocket and put onto your can easily.

Hide your beer: Sometimes, you might find yourself wanting to enjoy beer from a can, but you don’t want anyone to see you drinking it.

Trick your friend: Pretending as ”soft drink”!! Let your friends drink it and blow their minds!

Easy To Use: Simply slide the sleeve onto the can, and remove it by pulling it out gently.

Safe & Soft: Made of high-class material that is soft and elastic. No need to worry about cutting or hurting your hands. Made of food-grade silicone,

Keep it cold: Made of Silicone material that is a good heat insulator. The coldness of a beer can last for several hours.

The product is intended as a gag and not to encourage minors for illegal drinking activities. This product is not intended to deceive the law. So Please, Drink responsibly.

202001111056832333274029详情图_1详情图_2详情图_3详情图_4详情图_5详情图_6详情图_7Sometimes it’s just nice to drink a brewski in public without all of the judgment from children, parents, or your spouse. If only there were a way to disguise your beer as if it were just an innocent soda can… Well, that’s just what the hide-a-beer soda can sleeve does!

Slip it right over your favorite beverage and you’re all set! Come in a variety of sizes with both Coke or Pepsi options available. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: This is only a gag gift. Be smart, drink responsibly.

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1pc 330, 1pc 355-350850, 1pc 355-771, 1pc 375, 2pc 330, 2pc 355-193, 2pc 355-691, 2pc 375, 3pc 375, 5pc 330, 5pc 355-173, 5pc 355-200004890

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